Sextil Pușcariu (1877-1948)

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Transylvanian Romanian, philologist, linguist, studies at Lipsca, Paris and Vienna, professor at the University of Vienna where he opens a Romanian language seminary, professor at the University of Cernăuţi (1904-1918), was one of the organizers of the Romanians movement in Bucovina, Transylvania and Hungary, member of the Romanian National Council in Bucovina, elected vice-president, delegated to the General Assembly of Bucovina on November 28, 1918, who has voted the Union of Bucovina with Romania. He was among the founders of the “Voice of Bucovina” publication which exposed the wishes of the Romanians in Bucovina. He was Delegate of Romania to the Society of Nations (1922-1925), member of the Romanian Academy, author of the Romanian Linguistic Atlas.