Ion Codreanu (1879-1949)

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Bessarabian peasant, World War I combatant and member of the Moldovan National Committee in Odessa. He continued his activity by participating in the Students’ Congress, then at the Bessarabian Peasants’ Congress and the Bessarabian Teachers’ Congress, militating for independence and union. A former deputy from the Moldovan Military Congress and one admitted to the Moldovan Bloc Faculty from the Country Counsel, working in the Agrarian Commission II. Member of the Romanian delegation at the Peace Conference in Paris (1919-1920), he was elected a member of the Romanian Parliament in several legislatures, being a member of the National Peasant Party. In 1940 he was arrested by the NKVD Balti town, IAR version 1941, returned to Romania through a prisoner exchange – on the principle of “Romanian patriot against Soviet patriot Unui” – in the place of Ana Pauker (Robinson), Agent : the Communist Party and leader of the Communist Party of Romania.