Gurie Grosu (1877 – 1943)

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Graduate of the Theological Seminary in Chisinau and then of the Theological Academy in Kiev; he became a monk under the name Gurie; he was involved in the Bessarabian national struggle; he founded the religious magazine “Luminătorul”; he returned to Bessarabia after the Russian revolution of February 1917; founder of the Moldavian National Party. In 1917 he published the first Latin-script book in Bessarabia: The Moldavian Spelling Book. It was he who officiated the religious service held at the opening of the Country Council and Te Deum which consecrated the Union. After the union he became the first Romanian bishop of Bessarabia, from 1928 until 1936. At his death he was buried in the cemetery of the Cernica monastery.