ELENA ALISTAR (1873 – 1955)

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Physician and politician; she attended the Eparchial School in Chisinau; she was a teacher at Văleni, Roşu, Zarnesti; Between 1909-1916 she attended the Faculty of Medicine in Iasi; she was arrested in 1914 for „nationalist activity” and „pro-Romanian agitation”. In 1916 she was mobilized in the army as a military doctor. She was a member of the Moldavian National Party, on whose lists she was elected deputy in the Country Council (the only woman who was part of it). Director of the Eparchial School of Girls in Chisinau (1918 – 1938); founder of the Cultural League of Bessarabian Women and the Romanian Women’s Group; was part of the leadership of the People’s Party. In 1940 she fled to Romania; she died in Pucioasa in 1955.