Anton Crihan (1893 – 1993)

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Politician and university professor; graduate of the Faculty of Economics in Odessa, officer in the First World War; in 1917 he organized in Odessa, together with other Bessarabians, the Moldavian Cohorts for the defense of the population against the Russian troops that were plundering the territory of Bessarabia; elected deputy in the Country Council by the Moldavian Military Congress, he joined the “Moldavian Bloc” Faction (one of the four factions within the Council); Vice-President of the Agrarian Commission. He continued his activity as member of the Parliament of Romania between 1919 and 1932; Doctor in Economic Sciences from the Sorbonne; professor in Iasi and Chisinau; he fled to Yugoslavia and then to France at the end of the Second World War; he immigrated to the United States and became a member of the Romanian National Committee in exile.