Onisifor Ghibu (1883 – 1972)

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Politician, professor; he studied history and philology in Budapest; he fled to Chisinau where he founded several Romanian-language publications: Ardealul (1917-1918); Școala Moldovenească (1917); România nouă (1918); Cuvânt moldovenesc (1926-1927); he brought great personalities to Chisinau, such as George Enescu, Mihail Sadoveanu and the troupe of the National Theater in Iasi; he elaborated the program of the Moldavian National Party; although proposed in the Country Council as a representative of the press, his name is not on the lists; member of the Romanian Academy; arrested in 1945 (incarcerated in Caracal), re-arrested in 1956 and released in 1958; he lived isolated until the end of his life. On 31 October 1956 he sent a memo on the issue of Bessarabia to Nichita Khrushchev and Nicolai Bulganin.