Iuliu Maniu (1873-1953)

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Transylvanian Romanian, politician, Doctor of Law, propagates the ideas of the memorandums, founder of the Society of Romanian Students, Serbs, Slovaks in Budapest, elected member of the Romanian National Party leadership committee and supporter of the national struggle, deputy in Budapest Parliament, remarkable speaker , incorporated in 1915 and then sent to the Italian front, settled in Vienna in 1918 where he organized a Romanian army and negotiated with the imperial government the recognition of the rights of the Romanians. Participates in the negotiations in Arad with representatives of the Hungarian government. Attending the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia, elected President of the Grand National Council and then of the Conducting Council and Minister of the Interior, he leads Transylvania until the entire union with Romania, deputy, minister and prime minister, is arrested in 1946 and dies in the prison in Sighet.