Valeriu Braniște (1869-1928)

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Transylvanian Romanian, a fighter for the rights of the Romanians, a journalist, a politician, called in Banat by Alexandru Mocioni to handle the newspaper “Dreptatea” in Timisoara, which becomes a battleground for the rights of the Romanians in Hungary. Convicted and imprisoned for his pre-communal activity, he must leave the Banat, go to Bukovina from where he will be expelled, return to Banat and lead the newspaper “The Flag” in Lugoj, arrested and sentenced again to be released from the Hungarian revolutionaries. He led the actions of the Romanians in Lugoj in October-November 1918. He was called to the US by Vasile Stoica, a delegate of the Romanian National Council, to discuss with the French general Franchet d Espérey, the commander of the Allied Armies in Thessaloniki, the return of the Romanian soldiers to Banat and Transylvania, organizer of the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia, member of the Transylvanian Conducting Council.