Ion Pelivan (1876 – 1954)

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Writer, politician; he was arrested during his student years because he was a member of a Bessarabian nationalist group and he was deported to the north of Russia, to Arkhangelsk; a fighter for the rights of the Romanians in Bessarabia; founder, in 1906, of the first Romanian-language newspaper in the province, “Bessarabia”. In 1917, he participated in the foundation of the Moldavian National Party; he was elected president of the Country Council, a position that he gave up to Ion Inculet. After the Union he participated, as member of the Romanian delegation, at the Peace Conference in Paris (1919-1920). He was a member of the Peasant National Party, a member of the Parliament of Romania, leader of the Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian Nation (the Bessarabian branch); he died in 1954 in the Sighet prison.