Alexandru Marghiloman (1854 – 1925).

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Conservative politician, judge, lawyer, deputy; Germanophile by structure and belief, he remained in the territory occupied by the troops of the Central Powers and mediated between the population and the German occupants, trying to limit the abuses of the latter. Representing the moderate faction of pro-German politicians, he assumed the leadership of the government at a critical moment for the Romanian state – the armistice with the Central Powers and the negotiation of a separate peace after the collapse of the Russian front; he negotiated the unification of Bessarabia with Romania with the representatives of the Country Council, and also obtained the consent of Germany. He participated in the act of the union in Chisinau and made arrangements for its recognition. He was considered a traitor because he signed the peace in Bucharest (April 1918), but later his role in the making of Greater Romania was acknowledged.